About Us


VRP Golf was created in the beginning of 2018. It started as a passion for playing the sport over 15 years ago and grew to a passion of perfecting the golf swing. The conflicts of schedule and the limited amount of time, there was never enough practice on how we can perfect our swing. We never had the resources or the tools to make this happen until the inception of the internet.

VRP Golf is implemented for the like minded individuals who is just starting out to those who love the game, to find the right tools and accessories to improve their own standards. By researching and finding the right partners and distributors, we are able to market these products to you and help bring your golf swing to near perfection. Although, it is only the products that we are able to provide, you will need to put the time and effort to reach your potential goal. If you require much more time for your swing to look good, we have other products to help you look good on the course instead. :)

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